Jamaica is a land of tremendous beauty and warmth. The people of this Caribbean island are quick to smile and quick to make visitors feel welcome. But, there is also tremendous need in this vacation paradise. Poverty abounds and most families and churches struggle to survive.

Jamaica Link Ministries helps you connect with the many needs that exist throughout Jamaica. As part of a short term missions team you can link up with one of the long-standing community outreaches here in Jamaica and help encourage and energize local leadership while providing much needed assistance. Because you will be working with an established ministry or organization, the impact of work you do during your trip will be felt long after you leave the island.

Take a few minutes to read about some of the recent trips we have helped coordinate.

Short term missions

Many of our board members have served in Jamaica as part of short-term missions teams for years before Jamaica Link Ministries was founded. It was out of their experience that we discovered the need for long-term partnerships between Jamaican ministries and churches or outreaches elsewhere in the world.

As with many third world countries, there is a huge financial need in Jamaica. Many churches and ministries cannot financially support the work they are doing. In part, this is because the local communities cannot afford to support the local ministries. This cycle leaves many churches and other organizations fighting to survive.

Short term missions groups come to Jamaica to support a particular project, church or ministry by sending work teams who will help finance and complete a construction project, host a Vacation Bible School, hold special meetings at churches in the area, or work in the local schools or orphanages. Often long-term relationships are formed and groups will return year after year to support a particular ministry.