These are the different Jamaican ministries you can connect with in Jamaica through Jamaica Link. They serve many different needs of the Jamaican people.

Fairview Baptist Bible College

Founded in 1963 with the aim of training competent, compassionate, effective servant leaders for the ministry of Christ in the local churches of Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world. FBBC has trained many pastors in the Association of Independent Baptist Churches. Fairview also operates bible camps for various age groups beginning at 8years. Fairview remains a top priority for Jamaica Link as we seek to invest in education in Jamaica and build up leaders in the community. Fairview is in need of assistance in the following aeas: scholarships, construction, office supplies, boks for the library and other areas. To learn more about this ministry click here

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf 

Works primarily with deaf children and young adults to educate them: academically, spiritually and socially. To prepare them to be worthwhile and productive citizens. At JCSD there are many opportunities to engage the children in VBS syle activities,  help teachers in the classroom and assist with construction projects such as the play ground and schools buildings. To learn more about this ministry click here

JCSD Needs List

Chance Rahabilitation Centre

Provides support and services to adults (17 and over), clinically diagnosed with behavioural disorders, social and emotional disturbances, developmental delays, drug induced psychosis and borderline intellectual functioning. This is a wonderful opportunity to minister and fellowship. Chance Rehab struggles to survive because most of the people who need the service offered by this ministry cannot afford to pay the fees; however no one is turned away. To learn more about this ministry click here


Westhaven Children’s Home   

A residential facility to care for the needs of mentally and physically challenged children and young adults in western Jamaica. Westhaven houses children and adults ages 6 – 34; they are current at max capacity with 80 clients. Teams can interact with the children through music and dance and assist the staff with daily chores of feeding and bathing. To learn more about this ministry click here

Westhaven Needs List

Flanker Peace and Justice Centre

Located in the community of Flankers, the centre works with different groups in the community; adults, children, youth and senior citizens with the goal of improving quality of life and promoting good values and attitudes. The centre provides the following: after school homework program, CXC and GSAT classes, marching band, performance arts group, mediation services, senior citizen club etc. To learn more about this ministry click here

Flanker PJC Needs List

Rosemount Missionary Back to School Initiative

An initiative that seeks to equip children, from low-income households, with the necessary supplies for successful participation in school. The program supplies backpacks, notebooks, pens/pencils, geometry set etc.   To learn more about this ministry click here

Redemption Chapel

A church located in the community of Canterbury; a community known for violence and crime. In 2012 Jamaica Link connected with this ministry and started sending teams to the church to conduct VBS, devotions and street meeting. The church also runs a homework program which could be developed further by renovating a unused space beneath the church and turning it into a resource centre for students in the community. To learn more about this ministry click here

Robin’s Nest Children’s Home

A christian home for children 0-12 years. Robin’s nest provides a safe, loving and active environment for children. Many teams go to Robin’s Nest to interact with the kids, assist with construction projects and assist staff with the daily routines. To learn more about this ministry click here

Nathan Ebanks Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to the training and education of parents, teachers and care givers of children with disabilities. The organizaton aims to see  children with disabilities and special needs are given access, resources and the opportunities to be included in life. To learn more about this ministry click here

Open Heart Charitable Missions

A centre in downtown Montego Bay that takes care of the needy and homeless by feeding, clothing, providing them positive activities and a place to sleep. The misson aims to rebuild lives through compassion and unconditional love. They are in need of assistnce with food and clothing. Teams can contribute to the cost of food and take part in the feeding; it also provides a good opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To learn more about this ministry click here

Dove Ministries

A non-profit organization dedicated to evangelism. Dove organizes and hosts the annual praise fest; three days of ministry in schools, street evangelism and free gospel concert. To learn more about Dove and Jamaica Praise Fest click here

Schools:  Primary (Elementary) and High

Most schools in Jamaica are still dedicated to keeping devoton and prayer a regular part of the school week. So they open their doors for teams to conduct devotions with the students. Teams minister to hundreds of children through drama, songs, dance and even puppetry.  To learn more about this ministry click here

Association of Independent Baptist Churches

The Association of Independent Baptist Churches in Jamaica is a ministry that Jamaica Link is closely affiliated with. Many churches in the association are in need of assistance; both financial and structural. Pastors are underpaid and the churches in general struggle to adequately serve the congregation/community. Jamaica Link seek to improve the churches by creating partnerships between these churches and churches in North America and through the use of short-term mission trips.

Teams have assisted churches with VBS, building projects and community outreach.  JLM currently facilitates the support of two churches; McField Baptist and Mt. Stewart Baptist.