Become a Gap Partner

Over 15 years ago when we started, $500 could take care of all of our utilities. Today our electricity bill alone is almost $2,000. After taking care of our operational expenses the gap has widened between what we would like to do and what we are able to. 

We are therefore asking you to prayerfully consider helping us close this gap by becoming one of our Gap Partners. Donations by Gap Partners will be used to support the ministry and outreach programs as we strive to keep our costs low for our mission teams.

Level 4 Partner: Donate $500/month. All-inclusive stay with up to 5 persons at Fairhaven with transportation included.

Level 3 Partner: Donate $250/month. All-inclusive stay with up to 3 persons at Fairhaven.

Level 2 Partner: Donate $100/month. All-inclusive stay with up to 2 persons at Fairhaven.

Level 1 Partner: Donate $50/month. All-inclusive stay for 1 person at Fairhaven.

*All-Inclusive stay applicable after one year of partnership. Seven night stay subject to availability.

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Donate by Mail

Mail your tax-deductible donations to:

Jamaica Link Ministries

P.O. Box224

Nokesville, VA 20182-0224

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